Basic Trouble Shooting FAQ


Please note that 90% of all HVAC problems are Electrical or Mechanically related. Only certified/Qualified Technicians should work on these problems.

Q1: Why is my Digital Thermostat is not displaying numbers, and flashing a red light?

A1: Possible Power Failure, or the Batteries in the thermostat are dead. (Batteries are usually AA or AAA)

Q2: Why are my Electric Bills so high? 

A2: This is usually due to do your Heat Pump. 1) Check to see if your outdoor unit is running. If it's not, the Heat Pump is running on Emergency Heat causing an increase in electricity consumption. 2) If your Heat Pump outdoor unit has failed, it's best to contact a professional heat pump servicing company such as FIRE & ICE.

Q3: Why is my A/C iced up in the Summer? 

A3: 1) Check your air filter. Dirty Filters can cause icing. 2) Or, there could be a Refrigerant Leak. It's always best to use a service technician such as a FIRE & ICE Tech to locate the air conditioning leak.

Q4: Why is my A/C iced up in the Winter? 

A4: It is most likely a Faulty Defrost Sensor.

Q5: Why is my Outdoor Unit not coming on? 

A5: First check the breaker; If it is ok call your Fire& Ice Technician.

Q6: Why is Steam coming from my Outdoor Unit in the Winter? 

A6: Usually because it is in Defrost Cycle.

Q7: There is a water leak at the indoor unit. 

A7: It is most likely a clogged drain. Call your Fire & Ice technician.

Q8: Why does my Circuit Breaker keeps tripping?

A8: DO NOT TOUCH!  For your safety call your Fire& Ice technician. This is most likely electrical and could cause serious injury or fire.