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HVAC Maintenance Tips

Basic Maintenance Tips for the Home Owner
1)   Change Filters Regularly. Our technicians frequently get asked how often this should be done. There is no exact answer as the environment in which the system is operating dictates the frequency. If the system is operating in an environment with pets or high dust conditions, the filters should be changed more frequently, as often as once per month. Under normal operating conditions, we recommended a minimum of every three months
2) Keep Debris such as grass and leaves away from the Outdoor Unit.  This can increase the time that is needed between service calls.
3) Schedule a Seasonal Service Cleaning with a Certified Technician.  Frequently changed filters will help keep a system clean however it is still important to protect your heating and cooling investment by making sure a qualified, trained service tech inspects and cleans critical internal components.  Don't risk heating and cooling failure and replacement cost caused by poor system maintenance.