HEIL Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Choosing a Heil Product means you are purchasing a tremendous asset in quality manufacturing, design engineering, and a 100-year tradition of excellence. Heil is dedicated to home comfort the exceeds your expectations. 

Air Conditioning Units

Exceptionally durable steel cabinet with corrosion-resistant, appliance-grade paint. Filter drier removes moisture from the refrigerant and safeguards the long-term reliability of the refrigeration system. QuietComfort Air Conditioners featuring the Observer communicating system function as part of a complete communicating home comfort system that includes the Observer communicating wall control with full-color touchscreen technology and system accessories to create maximum efficiency and ideal comfort.

Heating Units

The sturdy steel cabinet is thermal lined and insulated to reduce the amount of heat and operating noise that escapes. A sealed blower compartment, soft-mount components, and the variable-speed blower motor also reduce operating sounds. When matched with select Heil air conditioners and evaporator coils, the ECM variable-speed blower motor can also boost cooling efficiency for increased SEER rating.